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2018 Legislative Update

Governor Brown Signs New Sexual Harassment Laws The 2018 legislative session has come to an end.  This year, over 100 new bills were signed which affect the labor and employment laws in California.  The so-called #MeToo Movement influenced the Legislature, with twelve sexual harassment and retaliation-related measures making their way to Governor Brown’s desk.  Five […]

Five Years Later, Ballots Prove Workers Want Union Out

“No Union!  No Union!  No Union!”  After Five Years of ALRB Antics, the Voices of Thousands of Gerawan Farming’s Workers Have Finally Been Heard For the past five years, the Agricultural Labor Relations Board has spent millions in taxpayer funds (and, by recent estimates, over $13 million) to aid the UFW in suppressing the results […]

Mere Knowledge of Missed Meal and Rest Breaks Not Enough to Establish Employer Liability

Employer Knowledge of Employees Skipping Meal and/or Rest Breaks Alone Is Insufficient to Establish Liability California employers, including staffing agencies that provide temporary employees to their clients, are not required to police staff to ensure compliance with meal period obligations or to investigate time records to uncover possible violations.  The California Labor Code guarantees that […]

Jury Awards Diabetic Employee $725,000 in Recent Disability Discrimination Case

Dollar General Discriminated Against a Diabetic Employee by Firing Her for Drinking Orange Juice in Violation of an “Anti-grazing” Policy A federal appellate court recently upheld a $725,000 jury verdict against Dollar General for discriminating against an employee on the basis of her disability. Central to the lawsuit was $3.38 worth of orange juice. This […]

New Test for Independent Contractor Classifications

California Supreme Court Issues New Classification Guidelines for Independent Contractors On April 30, 2018, the California Supreme Court issued its long-awaited opinion in Dynamex Operations W. v. Superior Court (2018) 4 Cal.5th 903, clarifying the standard for determining whether workers in California should be classified as employees or as independent contractors for purposes of the […]

Court Disapproves of Indefinite Medical Leave

Employees Are Not Entitled to Multi-Month, Indefinite Medical Leaves of Absences California employers can breathe a sigh of relief in light of a recent decision from the Southern District Court of California. In Ruiz v. Paradigmworks Group, Inc., the court held that an employer is not required to extend an employee’s “multi-month” medical leave of […]

Retaliation Results in Huge Payout

The Ninth Circuit Court of Appeals Reminds Employers Just How Costly Retaliation Claims Can Be After a nine-day jury trial, an employer, a current supervisor, and several of its former supervisors, were ordered to pay three employees $6.6 million for race-based discrimination and retaliation for filing administrative complaints about the discrimination. The case, Flores v. […]